by Redephant

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Semi-progressive rap mixtape of a unfortunate chain of self satisfaction.

All vocals, lyrics, composition and production was done by Jimmy Cristopher Romero / Redephant


Samples of "Guilt"
"Sister, Do You Know My Name?" from De Stijl by The White Stripes

Backing of "Metro"
"yume metro" from Yume Nikki Likes OST by Adolf Nomura

Backing of "Cloud"
"Cloud McStrife" from BLOOD BUT ALSO EDGE by Adolf Nomura

Backing of "Avenue"
"Thortober Ave" from THE ADOLF NOMURA DISTRICT by Adolf Nomura


released February 28, 2017



all rights reserved


Redephant Sterling, Virginia

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Track Name: (Paragon of) Guilt
​This is serious cuz it's suppose to be
The way you look at me
Makes it want to scream inside
And shout, "this is what it's all about"
I'm just a boat in a drought and I...
Can't believe what I said
Thoughts are clouding my head
Feeling lazy in bed
Stitching needles in threads
Incredible; the way I saw you
But that's the past and this a snapshot
Of how it wasn't us two
It's amazing I never thought
Good reasons, I never caught
You're sweet and I'm sour sauce
Now rapping on stupid songs
But I thought it was a cool idea, so...
Woke up but it's never the same
And I hate that I just have you in my brain
Over dramatic cuz I say it's a pain
And I feel like the rain, gonna catch a cold
Gonna feel alone
Gotta man up and just do as I'm told
Gotta move on, out with the old, in with the new
If only you knew...
That I'm breaking
One look at you and I am shaking
Don't think of it like I am faking
Oh god, I'm over explaining
Let's just say it:
I fucked up
I chose wrong, and a few times before I was gone.
I guess it's just guilt.
Track Name: Metro (Disgust Machine)

Used to say I hate me, but shit, now I really mean it
Used to always smile, but tell me, when's the last time that you've seen it?
I'm the meanest, piss of like a penis
Bitch, you know where the D is
Psych, I'm the dude with the respect.
Yup. (Yup)
Self-doubt is the enemy
Like you care and it's plain to see
No contacts, you're not friends with me
I'm not even friends with me
Jealousy and a Blue Moon
Fake as fuck, I'm a cartoon
If there's more to this life, don't write back, I'll be dead soon.
Messed up in the head though
Full of shit, I need Pepto
And I expect hoes to go slow, but that's only when they give head though
Ugh, why the fuck did I say that?
Just another thing I would take back
So I'll fuck that like the ass crack of the life I made, can't go back.
Truth is I like me, but these vampires can bite me
I'm doppelgänger so I can fight me
So fuck you, despite me
All I want is a soft bed because I'm so alone and exhausted
And I'm sleepless and empty, so I'll do my best to play dead.
Track Name: (Sentient Sarcophagus of) Grandpa
​Never broke a bone but I believe I've got a fractured heart
This is art, it's suffering
Can't load it up cuz it's buffering
That video
Don't give a fuck like Hideo
The only time I do is when I'm tripping balls
It's like gay sex in the city tho
Stupid hoe, but I'm not much better
Soft touch like I got 5 feathers
Got a letter today from my self-esteem
All in caps, it said, "IN YOUR DREAMS"
I promise I'm honest
Turn the switch on cuz I'm off this
Put me in the ground and then bury it like a coffin
Back again with my bullshit
Can't get the girls cuz my toothpick
My cool whip is useless,
leave the audience just clueless
"Omg, was he just talking about his penis? Wtf what a fucking perv..."
Oh I'm sorry...
Take it back to the cool rap
Where yo crew at? With two traps
Playing lumberjack, chopping wood flat
Then they drink it all like it was sap
Put it up on Snapchat
Cum stains on their snap backs
Eating cheeks like they're flapjacks
Smoking cocks like it's lit fags
Get it?
I don't think that they get it..
Don't think that I'm finished
Still got about a minute
Starting to feel like a criminAL
Don't think that I'm in contrAL
Downing drinks til I hit the flOW
All the shit that I said beFAOW
Loser (uh) weirdo (uh)
Feel bad (uh) drink more (uh)
Feel good (uh) drink more (uh)
Work hard (uh) feet sore (uh)
And it's a joke to me
the way they choose to be
I told you once, I don't have friends, I just have enemies!
And I like it!
cause I make shit so I can fight it
Just try it and maybe then you'll see
I'm not as crazy as I claim to be
don't try to start shit with me
cause I'm on the edge of under 60 feet
Earthworm Jim chilling out with his fucked up grin and it's like
One step back, turn around make the whole screen black
it's just me with a bottle of jack
can't forget of the times we had
no matter how it makes me sad
no matter how it makes me mad
it's just the times that we had
that makes me want to go back
Track Name: Cloud (In Resented Filth)
​Uh, uh, uh, uh
Blast off, I'm the neutron
I give one thing to two moms
And we form together like Voltron
But when they come through, I'm like hold on
I got work soon, so it'll have to wait
Creative thoughts, but it'll have to wait
I'll pay you back whenever I get paid
But I overslept, so I guess I'm late.
Fall back to sleepville
I am so sick that I need pills
And I'm lame as fuck like I need thrills
But my heart is numb like it got chills
Depression parties like it's mad real
Faded out just like a film reel
Gotta tell someone but it's no use
So I stay silent like I got hills
Daydreams become nightmares
But in them nightmares, I'm not scared
Because it seems fair that I live there
And I'm feeling feels but who really cares?
Not me, not you
Not them because I like you
Except nothing happened because I fucked up
And I'm fucked up because I drink a lot
Didn't tell you though because I think a lot
Of what you're gonna say, please look away
I'm not the same that I was those days
Where we talked a lot and did things together
Like my mind's clear but it's not much better
You're a sweater and I'm cold, and it's sad, I can't let it go
One day I'll wake up
I'll see you and say hi.
You'll say hi back,
Quick smile and that's that.
I'm sorry that I'm like this
And I wish that I wasn't
Sometimes I dream of making you laugh
Track Name: T H I S S H I T I S F I R E
Better get that water cuz you know this shit is fire woo
Better get that bottle cuz you know this shit is fire woo
Better call yo mama cuz you know this shit is fire woo
Better leave your house because now that shit's on fire woo
Always fresh, I'm swaggin out
Bitch, don't let the kraken out
That's the name I gave my dick
So take it and just shut your mouth
Paper cuts from countin paper
Wish that I could make it safer
If she bad, you know I'll take her
Butt got flavor
Nothing but heels, we both got the deal
This shit is bananas cuz that's how it feels
Never forgetting that I am so real
Play of the game cuz I got the kill
Like Pokémon, got gold and silver
Snapchat and I hope she deliver
Drink it all like I have no liver
You say I'm a quitter, but now I'm a winner
Lambo, got rips on my shirts like I'm Rambo
Don't fuck with you cuz your a damn hoe
You're a sample and I'm the beat
You want the best, just call for me
Feeling hype cuz my energy is 20 feet
And you Better bow down cuz I am your deity
Monster, got fangs that can eat you
Got eyes that can see through
Got bitches for days, and it's only just week two
I'm kidding, none of it's true
Track Name: (Culmination Insists An) Avenue
​One, two, three, four, let me find a bottle more
It's useless like a nuisance that I even try to stride for more
I'm on the floor, wishing somehow you'd come through the door
Like a ghost or an apparition
See? You're all I'm missing.
Why why why why do I try to lock eyes
It's just no sur-prise
That I'm not your guy
Can't cry or even shed a tear
Blanking out like I'm not here
Full of beer, but ain't got no life tho
It's black and white, like my name is Michael
Can't forget you even if time goes
Even if I try to
Four, three, two, one, popping shit like I'm a loaded gun
Giving out myself like I'm Oprah's son
And I'm fun as fuck but you just don't know it
Like an itch that's in my brain,
Mood change like it's gonna rain
Full of pain, there he goes again
Laying tracks down like he fucking trains
So insane, and a bit depressed, shit...
No more feeling like I can't live with you
No more thinking that I did it to myself
But why do I try to avoid you, it's just to
Help me visualize that I did this to myself