Pigment Mirror Casing

by Redephant

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released June 11, 2017



all rights reserved


Redephant Sterling, Virginia

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Track Name: Help
she is a finger
that points to the end
once i've exhausted all options

have you seen the moonlight?
out of it's shell
let the handled say your name

exactly how it feels
we've played this game
long enough, long enough

this never was so even, can't you tell?
Track Name: Metals Decaying In A Field
this isn't a ploy
if the glove fits
in god's hands

red and fed up
come join the feast
this dream has fled

away from this place
nowhere to be
have you thought this through?

i can't blame you, nor can tame you
a home, an effigy
Track Name: Old Friend
when you and i drink
it's a warm memory
invincible character
like you've seen before
congregation of joy
to jumpcuts to blank
to a purge, to a purge
could you help this grey?
days repeat anyway
if it's change you seek
seek far away
Track Name: #mood
she ties me up

and escapes

this callous thought won't dieit'shere

when will i know

she knows how to find me in time

don't you forget

she takes apart this message

she takes the box from my hands

the sun in her eyes come rainin' down

my shaded intentions fall down with her more

this never happened

Track Name: I Feel So Cold...
How many times
have I given up
just to start again?

If it's dark, if it's clean
Chances are unseen

Sheltered from the start
The mind falls apart

Save yourself